The ACW-Lite Box is more compact than the standard ACW-System, but has almost the same possibilities in terms of sensor installation.
The Lite Box's setup of for example filter, amplification, offset etc. are done manually or via PC software.

The ACW-Lite Box is equipped with different piggy-back plugin-boards. Basically there are 5 plugin-cards to be installed, and because the TSV4P4 is always in place our customers can choose between 4 plugin cards to combine the other 4 slots as needed in their projects.

See also datasheet.

  • differential Inputs (+IN und -IN) for passive pressure-sensors, like DMS-sensors from e.g. Kulite or IST
  • single ended Input with unipolar sensor supply (+5V) for active pressure-sensors, like e.g. DS2-sensors
  • usable for single ended inputs or differential Inputs with unipolar sensor supply (+5V /+12V) for special sensors, like e.g. accelaration-, wheel-angle-, yaw-rate-sensors or poti
  • single ended input with bipolar sensor supply (± voltage) für special-sensors, like e.g. acceleration- oder wheel-angle-sensors
  • for temperature measurement up to +960°C (higher temperatures on inquiry)
  • DCW-function:
  • 24 digital-signal-inputs over optocoupler
    4 digital-signal-outputs over optocoupler
  • programming:
  • manually via display and button input
  • via PC-coniguration-software
  • Interface-functions:
  • CAN-Ports for the MBOX system
    1 CAN-Port for CAN
  • 1 USB-Port integrated, USB-communication-software
  • power supply:
  • current consumption:
  • ambient temperature:
  • air humidity:
  • dimensions:
  • +10...+50V DC
  • depending on installed boards max. 25W with sensor supply
  • -20°C to +70°C
  • 0% to 95% (non condensing)
  • w: 295 mm, l: 205 mm, h: 58 mm

For further information please contact Gi-Electronic.
All data without guarantee, technical subject to change.




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