Intelligent High-Speed CAN-Board with DSP for
4 physical CAN-Channels

A Texas Instruments digital processor with dual-ported-RAM in connection to the VME bus
is managing 4 Intel 82527 CAN controllers.
The 4 seperated CAN channels can be bundeld to less lines by using jumpers.
The CAN drivers can be easily replaced.
the board comes with an integrated JTAG interface to match the requiremnts of fast.
The address range of 128kB is selectable from 64 sub spaces via a hex switch.
The board is usable for poling or interrupt operations. Programms are execuded either from the flash-EPROM, which can be programmed from the host system, or from the internal RAM of the DSP (Dual-Portet-RAM). 
A variable boot possibility over the VME bus or the flash EPROM assures the flexible operation of the board in standalone or hostbased usage.



  • Channels:
  • Bus:
  • Bus, max. transfer rate:
  • Bus, termination:
  • CAN data output:
  • CAN controller:
  • Processor:
  • Memory:
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • Power:
  • -
  • Consumption avg.:
  • -
  • Operating temp.:
  • Air humidity:
  • Storage temperature:
  • Board dimensions:
  • Front Panel width:
  • Front Panel height:
  • VME-Bus connector:

  • 4 independent, galvanic seperated CAN-channels
  • CAN-Bus, CAN 2.0 specification
  • 1MBaud
  • switchable termination
  • 4x  2- or 4-plug Lemosa ports
  • 4x Intel AN82527
  • TMS320C206 (50ns Zykluszeit)
  • 128 kB virtuelles DPRAM
  • 128 kB externes Flash-EPROM
  • 544 Wort DSP-internes DRAM
  • 4 kWort DSP-internes SRAM
  • 1. 5V DC (± 5%)
  • 2. 12V DC (± 5%)
  • 1. 700 mA (5V)
  • 2. 200 mA (12V)
  • 0°C bis + 70°C
  • 0% to 90% not condensed
  • -55°C to +85°C
  • Simple Euro-Card
  • 4 TE (20,3 mm), 1 Slot
  • 3 HE
  • DIN 41612, Typ C, 96-Pins

Pricing and ordering information on inquiry



Ordering number


  • GI0CAN.600 *

  • VME-Bus Board GI0CAN with processor TMS320F206 (50ns)
    High Speed, 2-plug Lemosa port
  • GI0CAN.601 **

  • VME-Bus Board GI0CAN with processor TMS320F206 (50ns)
    Low Speed, 4-plug Lemosa port


* on inquiry

** special customer product



For further information please contact Gi-Electronic.
All data without guarantee, technical subject to change.



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