Interface converter CAN-USB with data logging


The interface converter CAN-USB connects the
CAN-Bus with the USB-Port of a PC.
Because of the high speed USB-Port
all CAN-Bus-massages can be delivered an analysed.

In addition, data can be offline :

  • saved on a SMART-MEDIA-CARD.
    e.g. for maesured data transfer
    or diagnosis.
  • For diagnosis a software for windows is available.



  • CAN transfer rate:
  • -
  • CAN Plug-in connector:
  • -
  • Data medium:
  • USB-Port:
  • Power supply:

  • High-Speed bis 1MBaud
  • Low-Speed bis 125kBaud
  • SubD-9pol.-Port for High- and Low-Speed
  • LEMO-Port vor High-Speed
  • USB-B
  • 5V ± 10%

For further information please contact Gi-Electronic.
All data without guarantee, technical subject to change.



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